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Sunday, September 25, 2005

McAdoo Clan-Building Relationships

I read two interesting articles in the Op-Ed section of The New York Times dated 9/25/2005.  John Grisham, the author, in his article, ”The Gulf Will Rise Again” wrote about the amazing resilient spirit of the people living along the Gulf Coast.  He said, “Hope here comes from the people and their remarkable belief that, if we all stick together, we’ll survive.” and “Normalcy is the key, and the people cling to anything that’s familiar-the school, a church, a routine, but especially to one another.”  I thought about these two quotes and it struck me that this is precisely how we can build a strong family.  Our family will become stronger by discovering and getting to know one another.  We will draw closer together as we begin to better understand our individual strengths and weaknesses and learn to appreciate that we are not only human, but a family of interesting and talented people.  When we begin sharing, we will begin sticking together as a meaningful and supportive clan.

David Brooks is a regular contributor to the Op-Ed page and in his article, “The Education Gap” he began with, “Especially in these days after Katrina, everybody laments poverty and inequality.  But what are you doing about it?”  While the article was interesting, it was this question that hit home for me.  One way to really build a strong, connected family is for each of us to ask ourselves the question, what can I contribute?  The answer may be different for each of us, but it is the follow-up action that will make the difference.  An email note, a phone call, or a letter to ask for information or pass on news is an easy way to start.  Nothing beats face to face contact, so why not decide to attend the 2006 McAdoo Clan Reunion on August 19, 2006.


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